Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Days Is April 4th

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Days Is April 4th

Ben & Jerry’s is celebrating its annual “Free Cone Day” on April 4 this year.

Since 1979, this event is in fact their way of giving backthe community. A tradition that, hopefully, will spread in several businesses Toronto!

Of course, you can also order your ice cream in a cup if the heart tells you. All you have to do is choose your favorite flavor.

“We believe in having fun, and in thanking our fans with free ice cream for our anniversary every year,” Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim said in a statement. “Through the power of ice cream, we are able to form strong connections and create positive social change together. Free Cone Day is one way to show our fans how much we appreciate them.”

Tip: As the event is popular, we advise you to arrive in advance or arm yourself with patience! But hey, what is a few minutes waiting for a free horn?
Hoping that the temperature will be there!

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