Bachelor In Paradise Suspended: What Happened?

Bachelor In Paradise Suspended:  What Happened?

The shooting of the American reality show “Bachelor in Paradise” was suspended on the weekend after suspicion of sexual assault of a candidate towards another participant.

According to information from several American media, one of the participants, Corinne Olympios would not have been able to consent to a sexual relationship because of her intoxication.

“This television program promotes the primary value of consent in the relationships between the different participants. However, it seems that an incident took place at the end of the week, “a member of the production told People magazine.

Ms. Olympios reportedly had sexual contact with DeMario Jackson, another participant, while she was drunk.


She would be very angry with the production, which she said did not do anything to protect her during the incident.

Members of the production told the TMZ site that the young woman had drunk alcohol all day on the day of the event and that she would have ended naked in a pool with Mr. Jackson.

This is where the touching would have taken place under the eye of the cameras.

The filming of the show was officially suspended on Sunday so that all the light was made on the event.

The Bachelor in Paradise program, which is in its fourth season, is broadcast on the American television channel ABC and brings together former participants of the programs “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”.


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