Winnipeg Manitoba: Star Trek license plate “ASIMIL8” Deemed Too Offensive (PHOTO)

Winnipeg Manitoba: Star Trek license plate “ASIMIL8”  Deemed Too Offensive (PHOTO)

WINNIPEG – Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has removed the personalized license plate from a fan of the Star Trek series after receiving complaints that the message “ASIMIL8” was insulting to Aboriginal peoples.

Nick Troller had owned this plate for two years.

The plate also included quotations from the series “We Are the Borg” and “Resistance is Futile”.

Troller said the series sometimes recounts confrontations between the heroes and a race of aliens, the Borg, who travel to the galaxy to assimilate other cultures.

According to him, the licence plate in question was intended funny. He mentioned that strangers and other admirers of the series had complimented him. People also wanted to be photographed next to the plate.

He said that an employee of Manitoba Public Insurance had called him and told him that two people had complained that the word “assimilate” was insulting.

Mr. Troller also received a letter from the company asking him to “hand in” the plate immediately. MPI told him he could get a new plate or a partial refund of the fees.

“That’s not the point,” said the man. We have become too sensitive. You can not tell anyone anymore. ”

Ry Moran of the National Center for Truth and Reconciliation states that the word “assimilate” can be too insulting to end up on a license plate.

“Throughout the history of this country, indigenous peoples have been forced into assimilation by extremely destructive means,” he said. Words like this – like it or not – have repercussions on many people. ”

According to the MPI guidelines, “plaques can not display a slogan that could be deemed offensive.” The Crown Corporation claims to take such complaints “very seriously” and will investigate to find out why it was approved at first.

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6 thoughts on “Winnipeg Manitoba: Star Trek license plate “ASIMIL8” Deemed Too Offensive (PHOTO)

  1. Juvenile Cry babies now rule society. “I’m Offended by your existence”. Many people annoy and offend me, that is life. I associate with those that don’t annoy and offend me. Worry about your own life not the lives of others who a not affecting you in any way.

  2. I’ve never watched Star Trek so it would be beyond me to connect Star Trek to the plate. In light of things I hear about ALL cultures coming here and the negative things about retaining their cultures being a bad thing, I understand how this could be offensive to ANY immigrant. Just saying. Not everyone is a Trekkie. I’m sure he could have used some other start trek reference… surely there are hundreds of things to use.

  3. No offense given, but plenty of takers!

    Now who has truly been offended? Now who’s been assimilated? What deliciously grotesque irony.

  4. maybe instead he should have told them to grow up….when I had to really think of it (my first question was…who is offended) I thought maybe the refugees or muslims who keep pouring in….Aboriginals never entered my mind. Maybe its the Aboriginals who have a problem, not anyone else?

  5. Racism is a lot like trouble, if you go looking for it you’ll find it, whether it was there before you went looking or not.

    we used to refer to this sort of thing as “whining and sniveling for fun or profit”

  6. Sadly, there are other groups who have suffered through much worse than the Natives, and they are managing to get on with their lives, and without all the taxpayer-funded Government assistance that the Natives are given. Maybe the problem is that the Natives are being coddled too much. Less taxpayer money should be thrown at them, and then maybe they can be more productive members of society.

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