Toasted grasshoppers Mariners A Hit

Toasted grasshoppers Mariners A Hit

Toasted grasshoppers Mariners

According to reports, sales of toasted grasshoppers at the Seattle Mariners home opener on Monday were…well…hoping!

Safeco Field concessionaire, Centerplate, and Mexican restaurant Poquitos, offered up the dish, named Chapulines that are commonly eaten in certain areas of Mexico, at the ballpark, and they are a smashing success.

According to the ball club, they sold 310 orders, or approx. 13 pounds of the grasshoppers at their home opener. The dish can be purchased as small side for just $4 or within tacos. The line to get them stretched 15-20 long and waits to get them were anywhere from 20-30 minutes at the height of the game before finally selling out.

And it wasn’t just at the home opener that the unique food sold briskly, according to the club, they also sold out of them at the second game of the season at Safeco Field.

According to Forbes, the dish has been so pupular, they have to make special orders.

The Mariners initially said they would stock 13 pounds for every game. And while they know they may not sell them out every time, they expect that on games where they might have a big crowd, such as on Friday when it’s Griffey Statue Night and College Night, fans wanting to sample them might want to buy early.

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