Sea Creature In Indonesia Identifed As Rotting Whale

Sea Creature In  Indonesia Identifed As Rotting Whale

The huge sea creature that washed up in Indonesia has been identified – kinda.

The rotting corpse of a 50-foot-long dead sea creature washed up on a beach in Indonesia last week — while locals took photographs with their smartphones that went around the world of the unidentifiable corpse, according to The Washington Post.

George Leonard, the chief scientist at the Ocean Conservancy, told HuffPost that the rotting carcass was probably a baleen whale, judging by parts of a protruding skeleton and what appear to be baleen plates used to filter out food.

Giant Sea Creature Washes Ashore In Indonesia
Giant Sea Creature Washes Ashore In Indonesia

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It is a mass so enormous that the first to have seen it believed at first glance that it was a stranded boat … But no: it is indeed a gigantic decaying creature, 15 Meters long and weighing several tons, discovered by villagers on the shore of Seram Island, Indonesia.

In a series of unnerving YouTube videos, local Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu has detailed the decay of what looks like a liopleurodon wrapped in very old skin. In one of the videos, Amalatu postulates that this is a humpback whale covered in its own decomposing flesh, according to Vice.

“This is a humpback whale,” he said. “These aren’t tusks. This is its mouth, but it’s covered with decomposed skin.”

The Jakarta Globe, which relayed the information, talks about giant squid. According to the head of Marine and Coastal Resources of Indonesia, it is rather a whale although the state of the body does not make it possible to get a precise idea of ​​its initial appearance.

Fortunately, samples have been taken which should make it possible to identify with certainty the nature of the stranded animal.

Every year, carcasses unrecognizable because of the advanced stage of decomposition are discovered all over the world, sparking the most adventurous speculation. Some have even become true stars like the famous Montauk creature. But, more often than not, the tide wins the creature leaving behind only a few photos and a mystery more in the annals of the sea monsters.

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