Scottish surfer rescued after spending 32 hours in the water

Scottish surfer rescued after spending 32 hours in the water

SCOTLAND – A large – scale search was launched yesterday after the disappearance of a Scottish surfer : he was found on his board after spending 32 hours in the water .

Matthew Bryce , a 22-year-old from Glasgow, was reported missing a few hours after surfing Sunday morning at 11:30 am on the Argyll coast in Scotland. Without news of him, his family had launched the alert and a team of coastguards had set out to find him. It was only the following morning at 7:30 am that the rescuers were able to hoist the unfortunate surfer who drifted 20 km from the coast .

“He was extremely lucky,” said Dawn Petrie of the Coast Guard team. “He was wearing the right equipment, including a thick suit and it probably made him survive so long in the water.” 


Scottish surfer rescued

Saved, the young man was hypothermic but conscious and was taken to the Belfast hospital. “He was right to cling to his board, which is probably what kept him alive,” Petrie added.

A large portion of the coast had been inspected after the alert was given following the disappearance of Matthew Bryce.


“The response to our call to find Matthew was remarkable,” said Chief Inspector Paul Robertson. “It was a real teamwork and I would like to thank all those who helped.”


Video footage taken from the rescue helicopter showed the dramatic moment he was winched to safety.


“He was extremely lucky,” Dawn Petrie, from the coastguard, told the BBC. “Hope was fading of finding the surfer safe and well after such a long period in the water and with nightfall approaching we were gravely concerned.

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  1. ! Great to hear the he made it it’s just as important to be good at treading water TRAIN FOR IT you life may depend on it your wetsuit can float you for hrs !

  2. Not to belittle the recent incident of the Scottish surfer rescued from the water after 32 hours ( thank goodness he was found!) but, here’s a little something all of us office folk can relate t

  3. Poor guy and his family. Thankfully he is ok. What an ordeal. Can’t imagine how it felt. The real heroes of this surf scene are the men and women out their rescuing people and pulling bodies out the sea. We had solid Irish waves all wk end and strong off shores. Hard to believe he got caught out. Really interested to find out what happened. Weak paddler, cramp , panic..

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