Revive Paris: Woman Declared Dead Comes Back To Life

Revive Paris: Woman Declared Dead Comes Back To Life

Revive – Last Thursday, a doctor at the Samu Hospital Salpêtrière had declared the victim died at 18:10 and signed a death certificate. An hour later, police “resurrected” her.

The episode will remain as one of the most striking in the career of the two policemen. And who, in passing, had to have a sacred moment of solitude, consternation, and self-control … Without them, a 49-year-old Parisian resident would have been “buried alive.”

The victim has been hospitalized at the Necker Hospital (XV th ). Last Thursday, this mother, divorced, suffering from severe anorexia since the age of 20, was rescued by the firemen and the Samu.

The intervention takes place at his home, an apartment on the 1 st floor of a tower in Square Dunois, behind the Vincent-Auriol boulevard, along the aerial train (XIII th ). It was her 18-year-old daughter who, although she had seen her mother the night before, found her inanimate and called on the 17th from the lodge of the guardian.

The doctor declares the victim dead at 18:10

“We are called for cardiac arrest,” recalls a police source. Firefighters from the Massena barracks landed. Samu doctor of the Salpêtrière Hospital (XIII e ) states that the victim is not breathing, the declared dead at 18:10 and signs the death certificate “with a medico-legal impediment” (suspected cause). An hour later, the police take over.

A police officer and a policeman of the police XIII th begin findings, as is customary, for inquiry for research of the causes of death. They lift the sheet under which the remains rest. And there, “we see movements in the belly”, chokes one of them. The peacekeeper “takes the pulse of the jugular vein and notices a reaction!”
The officer then picks up illico his phone for a live cardiac massage coaching with the firemen. They ask the peacekeeper to drop the victim on the ground. And to proceed with cardiac massage. The operation lasts thirty minutes. The officials take turns. One of them holds the woman’s hand and speaks to her. The heart of the victim sets off again “on a cruising rhythm”. The police call back the firefighter’s doctor so that he can officially see that the lady is alive and well. She is then transported in intensive care to Necker.

“A Crazy Story”

“This is a resurrection after Easter,” enthuses Jérôme Coumet, Mayor PS XIII th . “A crazy story,” says Yvan Assioma, Alliance Regional Secretary, an unimaginable scenario. Our colleagues thought we were in an episode of Walking Dead. Their reaction was salutary for the unhappy woman. ”

XIII Police Commissioner e asked his two servants were decorated with the medal of courage and devotion.

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