Meteorologist Who Commited Suicide Was Suspect In Rape Case

Meteorologist Who Commited Suicide Was Suspect In Rape Case

NEWRY, Maine – A meteorologist who committed suicide last month was a suspect and would have been charged in a sexual assault case, according to new information from police.

Tom Johnston, 46, was reported missing on April 3rd.  His body was discovered in a wooded area on April 6th. A medical examiner ruled his death a suicide.

meteorologist suicide
meteorologist suicide

Authorities said Johnston did not leave any sort of suicide note, but texted someone an emoji of hands praying.

Johnston worked as a meteorologist at WCSH.

According to Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant, a woman went to a local hospital and reported being raped at a Newry residence in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 2.

“Our investigation shows that Johnston was at the residence and was identified during the commission of the sexual assault,” said Gallant. “Johnston left the residence before deputies arrived on scene and was later reported as a missing person.”


Gallant told reporters that “the one and only suspect who was identified through victim and witness’s information, was Thomas Johnston.”

Gallant said that if he were alive, Johnston would have faced a charge of gross sexual assault.

WCSH issued a statement Thursday afternoon.

“We are disturbed to learn this troubling information. We began covering Tom’s disappearance in early April. During today’s Oxford County Sheriff’s Office’s news conference, we learned for the first time with everyone else that Tom would have been charged in a Class B gross sexual assault that happened on April 1, if he was still alive. We share in the community’s shock and our thoughts are with the victim and the families involved,” President and General Manager Brian Cliffe said.

The investigation is now closed, Gallant said.

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4 thoughts on “Meteorologist Who Commited Suicide Was Suspect In Rape Case

  1. missed where it said he was indicted or guilty.
    From what I read, he was a “suspect” in a case where someone obviously accused him of something wrong.

    Imagine being in the public eye everyday as a meteorologist and then just like that, someone is accusing you of something that will instantly end your career. Many people are not strong enough to go through or endure what comes with such accusations, so they opt out, as this man may have.

    I’m not saying he was innocent, I’m only saying that I haven’t read anything here that says he was guilty.

  2. From Maine…it doesn’t look too good. He was so well known up here that he would have been ruined and took the cowards way out.

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