madeline connelly lost for six days found alive

madeline connelly lost for six days found alive

Hiker Lost In Wilderness Found

CHICAGO — A woman who was missing for nearly a whole week, has been found safe and sound.

Madeline Connelly went missing after going on a hike with her dog in Montana, reports CBS.

Connelly, from River Forest, Illinois, hadn’t been seen since Thursday, when she left for a seven-mile hike with her dog, Mogie, in the Great Bear Wilderness area near Glacier National Park.

Connelly has been treated at Kalispell Regional Medical Center and was released. She was reunited with her family, CBS Missoula affiliate KPAX reports.

The dog was also located alive.

Teams from Two Bear Air Rescue had been looking for Connelly. A company representative confirmed that Connelly and her dog were found.

Connelly had recently moved to Arizona and was on a trip in Western Montana with her family. It is unclear what led to her disappearance, KPAX reports.

Earlier in the search, her car was found near the trailhead, and investigators had initially found her tracks. Searchers were working day and night to find her.

Connelly tells told FOX Montana how she excited she is to finally be going home and how much she appreciates all the search efforts.

Connelly explained:

“I’m pretty stoked, I can’t believe we were able to get out my dog and I. I just kinda wanted to say thank you to everyone who put in all of this effort and helping me. I didn’t really know what was going on out there. I kinda just thought I was going to make it out to my car this morning and go get a coke and then go to my uncle’s house. I had no idea that all of this other stuff had been going on. I feel like an idiot honestly.”

Her uncle said earlier this week that the family had great faith that she would be found safe.

“We’re very positive,” Michael Connelly said. “They’re treating this as a rescue, not as a recovery, and there have been no signs of any torn clothing, or blood, or anything like that. So they’re treating it as if she’s out there.”

Her family was confident that she would be found, a relative told CBS Chicago, because of Connelly’s extensive experience in the woods.

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  1. Was she found in Chicago? Why were they the first to report it? I’m really glad she was found but the story is kind of light on facts.

  2. She looks like she was prepared for emergencies too. She appears hydrated with bright, clear eyes meaning is a smart outdoors woman. I am thrilled she was found safe!

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