Irish Beach Reappears After Disappearing 33 Years Ago (PHOTO)

Irish Beach Reappears After Disappearing 33 Years Ago (PHOTO)

Dooagh (EON) – An entire beach in Ireland that was washed away 33 years ago has reappeared.

The beach near the village of Dooagh, on Achill Island, vanished in storms in 1984 when waves washed away all the sand but was virtually reappeared overnight thanks to a freak tide.

Almost all the villages’ hotels, guesthouses and cafes shut down because all that was left was rocky terrain.

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of sand were dumped on the beach over ten days in April during a freak tide, re-creating a 300m-long beach.

Local people are now hoping for the beach to be given blue-flag status during next year’s inspection.

Sean Molloy, manager at Achill Tourism, said: “Before it disappeared, the beach had been there for as long as living memory, almost continuously, until 1984-85.

Irish beach reappears
Irish beach reappears

“It’s so nice for the villagers to have their beach back.

“It is an incredible example of the force and power of nature and how the coast can change in a matter of days.”

Alan Gielty, 48, the third generation to run the local Gielty’s Bar and Restaurant told the Daily Mail, the beach has brought with it an influx of tourists.

He said:

“It disappeared back in the 80s after a very, very bad sea storm. The storms will decimate all the sand. We were just left with rocks.”

“The sand used to come in a little in the Spring but never anywhere near the volume that has this last year.”

The 300 metre long stretch is now a cause for hope for the locals who are keeping their fingers crossed it will be given blue-flag status soon.

This YouTube video from March 2017 shows what the Dooagh beach looked like before the sands arrived.

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12 thoughts on “Irish Beach Reappears After Disappearing 33 Years Ago (PHOTO)

  1. im not sure why people are obsessed with global warming but no one thinks pollution is a thing and it’s caused by us? surely the toxic dumps waste piles radioactive leaks are totally natural. oh the global warming is all natural and the beach will still be trashed by humans in a week

  2. Happened where I live. One storm cleaned all the sand off the beach and the environmentalists were screaming this was proof climate change. Two weeks later it was all back and they choose to make no comment when approached. Sand is still here 10 years later.

  3. THIS is the reason “global warming” is such a bunch of cr7p! Nature works in cycles- they cannot predict weather properly for the next week, but they can predict it a hundred years in the future? Right!

  4. The place is stunning. Achill has some of most beautiful beaches in Europe. Keem beach is a paradise as is Keel just nearby. Google to see the pictures and its seacliffs which are the highest in Europe. A lot of Irish go to Achill and a lot of them will openly tell you that they never recommend Achill on trip advisor or other tourist forums because they want to keep it that hidden secret to maintain its traditional unspoilt feel.

  5. Irish beach reappears · Edit

    That’s where my family, and many Cleveland Irish, hail from. It is a Mecca for many of us, visiting its stark, desolate, rugged and windswept beauty, a rite of passage. Glad their soft beach has returned. Those who stayed are strong courageous people who deserve a check in the “good things” column.

  6. So nice to see Mother Nature bring back a beach. We spend so much money here in the USA trying to restore our beaches every year…..and then nature takes them right back again.

  7. uch a beautiful and peaceful part of our world. I spend every July-September on Galway Bay, County Clare, Ballyvaughan. Restores my mind, body and soul. I’ve been to lovely Achill. I’ll have to go visit again.

  8. How did this happen? A beach where actress Angela Lansbury use to play as a child disappeared 33 years ago and now has reappeared. It is located on Ireland’s largest offshore island, Achill Island in County Mayo.

  9. i don’t think it is so much that the sea level is falling but maybe more about the land maybe rising up. There has been some major shifting earthquakes over the years that could of contributed to this happening. OR maybe the erosion is less and Mother Nature just has repaired herself and brought back the beach.

  10. Getting ready for warmer global temperatures. Soon people will be hitting Co. Mayo rather than the south of France.

  11. The sand at Dooagh, Achill Island, was washed away by storms in 1984, leaving only rocks and rock pools. But after a freak tide recently, hundreds of tons of sand were deposited where the beach once stood, recreating the old 300-metre stretch of golden sand. ~ S

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