Florida Girl Attacked By Alligator, Pried Open Gators Mouth (PHOTO)

Florida Girl Attacked By Alligator, Pried Open Gators Mouth (PHOTO)

ORLANDO (EON) – A 10-year-old girl who was quick on her feet is still alive following an attack from an alligator.

The girl who was attacked by an alligator while she sat in shallow water pried open the sharp-toothed reptile’s mouth to set herself free.

According to FOX News, the girl was in a designated swimming area of an Orlando-area park at about 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. Suddenly, an 8-foot-9-inch alligator lunged at her leg, according to a report by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Instead of panicking, she grabbed the gator and pried open its mouth to set her leg free.

Her family and a lifeguard were nearby, and came to help when they heard her scream for help, WKMG-TV reports.

The girl was taken to the Nemours Children’s Hospital but later released. She is said to be suffering from minor injuries.

“She had puncture wounds but I don’t think they’re life threatening,” spokesperson for FWC Chad Weber told the Orlando Sentinal.

The gator was euthanized after the attack. (GEORGE WALRATH ALLIGATOR SERVICES AND PROCESSING)
The gator was euthanized after the attack. (GEORGE WALRATH ALLIGATOR SERVICES AND PROCESSING)

According to state records on fatalities and injuries caused by alligator attacks, there have been multiple years-long stretches in Florida where there were no fatal attacks.

The statistics, which go back to 1948, show that the deadliest years for fatalities caused by alligator attacks were 2001 and 2006. Three people were killed each of those years.

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been small bites and major injuries caused by alligators. In 1977, there were 13 major attacks in Florida and one fatality.

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Alligator Program coordinator Ricky Flynt said people can play a direct role in negating the likelihood of an alligator attack.

“Alligators are apex predators and they are wild animals,” Flynt said, noting that people should never feed them.

“The only time we have a situation of serious concern is when someone has been feeding an alligator,” Flynt said. “They begin to lose their fear of humans and associate them with a source of food.”

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10 thoughts on “Florida Girl Attacked By Alligator, Pried Open Gators Mouth (PHOTO)

  1. wow. couldn’t have been too big of a gator and she had to have been at least partially on land or it would have drowned her before she could do that. still- smart thinking, kid

  2. Dummy girl what was she doing near alligators? And where were her parents?
    And of course it was the alligator’s fault so they had to kill the poor animal.

  3. When we arrived in Florida at customs the security told us basically said If there’s water there’s gators!! And it’s true we seen about 5 in our two weeks there!! Xx

  4. She was very very lucky, hopefully the bacteria found in alligators mouths don’t cause too much of a problem, you don’t need to be swimming to get attacked, most people seem to be unaware that these animals can and do Come on land as well, the signs all around warn of alligators so it boggles the mind that people choose to ignor them

  5. Wouldn’t matter in Melbourne if the whole city was eaten alive. Sky News Melbourne has been down for days. Even your days old stories and terrible editing would be better than nothing. Wake up to yourselves we are paying for this crap

  6. Seems more like fake news to me, the bite pressure on the alligator is quite big so how can a ten year old girl open it’s jaws.

  7. I saw a very similar thing almost happen just a few weeks ago…I grew up in semi rural (Cocoa Beach and Titusville) back in the 60’s and 70’s and as teen boys we used to hunt small gators for stew met when we camped out so I am pretty familiar with them…recently we spent a week in Ft. Myers beach and took one of the Everglade tours and one of the tourists was down at the docks waiting for our boat to come back and I noticed how high the water was (it was just inches from lapping onto the dock and I told the lady I recommend she get off the dock with the water being that high and when she asked why I said gators like to hang out under docks and could #$%$ you with the water being that high…she quickly retreated muttering about “really there are gators right here?”…a few minutes later an employee of the fish camp/tour site walked out and told everyone to stay off the docks for the exact reason I told the lady…sure enough about 10 minutes later a nice size 7 or 8 footer floats out from under an adjoining dock….bottom line, in Florida if you have a sizeable body of water you count on it having gators in it, whether in the everglades or Disney World.

  8. . No child or adult is going to “pry” an 8′ gator’s mouth open with their hands.They might do it with a hydraulic jack, if the gator would open his mouth so they could put it in :).

    This is just more BS that Fox fell for.

  9. Very happy to see this little girl survived, but from what I know and have seen of gators, a 10 year old is NOT going to pry open the jaws of a gator that size.

    It’s easy to CLOSE them by hand, but almost impossible to open them.

    The gator in some cases has even had to be put down, before they are able to get the victim out of the jaws.

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