Elephant washed out to sea “miraculously” saved

Elephant washed out to sea “miraculously” saved

Sri Lanka saves an elephant in the open sea

The Sri Lankan navy “miraculously” saved an elephant in distress in the open sea where the current had deported it, announced Wednesday its spokesman.

It took not less than twelve hours for the navy, once the animal was reported, to rescue the pachyderm, which struggled to maintain itself on the surface eight kilometers from the coast of this island of the Indian Ocean. Photos show him holding his trunk above the water to be able to breathe.

Divers assisted by wildlife conservatives approached the mammal and roped it around the body. They were then towed to near the shore, where he was released Tuesday night.

According to the spokesman of the navy, Chaminda Walakuluge, the current has probably carried away the ” Elephant while crossing the lagoon of Kokkilai (northeastern Sri Lanka), a wide expanse of water that lies between two jungle areas.

“They usually wade through shallow waters or even swim to take a shortcut,” the official said.

“It is a miraculous end for the elephant,” he added.

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