Gustavo Falcon: Cocaine Cowboy Arrested After 26 Years

Gustavo Falcon: Cocaine Cowboy Arrested After 26 Years

One of the so-called ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ who has been on the run for 26 years, was arrested in Kissimmee, Florida in the US He is now in a jail in Orange County . His name is Gustavo Falcon, nicknamed Tabby . He is a legend in the international drug trade, and who was the subject of several documentaries.

“Nobody thought he was in the United States,” Barry Golden, a deputy and spokesman with the U.S. Marshals Service, told the Miami Herald.

Falcon had actually already be stuck in 1991, along with his brother Willy Falcon and an accomplice, Sal Magluta .

The US Justice condemned the Falcon Magluta organization for the entry of 75 tons of cocaine , together accounting for more than $ 2 billion. These transports allegedly took place between 1978 and 1991. The case – which had to prevent Gustavo time – is still valid as the biggest drug case in the city of Miami, Florida. All other top players become stuck in the cocaine cartel of Falcon.

Rumor would Falcon domicile chosen in Cuba. He was arrested by police collaborating teams from Miami and Orlando . He was arrested after a bike ride with his wife. He appears now already some time in Florida to have lived with a false passport.

Cops say that with Gustavo Falcon’s arrest, the book has been closed on the city’s wild west Miami Vice era.

“He’s the last of the Cocaine Cowboys,” Golden said.

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