boy dies dry drowning days after going swimming

boy dies dry drowning days after going swimming

A 4-year-old child died last Saturday, a week after he dabbled in the water with his family. A phenomenon called “dry drowning”: his lungs were filled with water.

four-year-old Francisco died Saturday in a hospital in Houston. The child was the victim of a rare phenomenon called “dry drowning”: he died drowned a week after swimming.

On the last weekend of May, the child went to swim with his family in Texas City Dike, a popular site for swimmers and fishing enthusiasts. Shortly after having had fun in the water, Francisco began complaining of stomach pains and suffering from diarrhea, but his parents did not worry about it.

The boy seemed to get better when, on Saturday morning, a sharp pain in the shoulders appeared. Francisco suddenly reopened his eyes a few hours later: “He just woke up, suddenly. He said “Ahhh.” He breathed a last time and I did not know what to do, “says Francisco Delgado Jr., his dad. At the hospital, the paramedics and doctors tried everything to save the little one. In vain. “We were told it was a drowning. His lungs were filled with fluid. They could not do anything for him, “says Tara, her mother.

boy dies dry drowning “Drowning is silent”

“Dry drowning” occurs in principle several hours after a bath, when water has infiltrated the lungs. Irritated, these secrete liquid which eventually prevents the child from breathing. An autopsy must still be performed on the body of little Francisco. “Some children will have symptoms soon after drowning. Others will show signs later. They seem to be fine but they develop respiratory problems several hours after the event, “says Dr. Kay Leaming-Van Zandt. She adds: “It can be played in a second. Drowning is silent. ”

A similar tragedy occurred nearly two years ago in the United States made headlines. A 10-year-old boy succumbed to a “dry drowning” several hours after bathing. Interviewed at the time by , Pierre-Nicolas Carron, associate physician of the emergency department of the CHUV, stressed the rarity of this kind of case and advocated caution about the causes of death: “Drinking the cup is commonplace. Coughing generally allows the water to be expelled. I think there must have been something else, this child may have nearly drowned without anyone noticing. ”

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