April the giraffe May Soon Give Birth Soon (VIDEO)

April the giraffe May Soon Give Birth Soon (VIDEO)

April the Giraffe could give birth at any moment!

The beloved, pregnant giraffe that has distracted the internet for over a month now, could give birth.

According to Jordan Patch, owner of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York “April has progressed significantly overnight and, by all means, today is not the day to stop watching. We are there. We are close. All signs are go.”

Park staff said on Facebook that “staff have been onsite with April all morning; Dr Tim was called and onsite within minutes. All observations, behaviour, and predictions suggest a calf today, tonight — we would be shocked to get through the weekend without our newest addition.”

The park added: “This is what we have all been waiting for! We will keep the world posted.”

Keepers said Thursday night that April’s behaviour was “very off” from her usual demeanour, declining to let veterinarians get close enough to finish an exam or snap intimate photos as she waited for her calf to be born.

April the giraffe
April the giraffe

But the giraffe has been waiting — along with YouTube viewers — for months.

April obtained celebrity status last month when Animal Adventure Park launched a live stream on YouTube to let the world watch her give birth —and then someone reported the feed to YouTube for “sexually explicit” content with nudity.

On Feb. 23, YouTube briefly removed the live stream, then restored it—and a pregnant animal star was born, said Patch, the park’s owner.

So why does it seem like April has been pregnant for an eternity?

Well, female giraffes, called cows, have an average gestation period of 15 months, or 453 to 464 days, according to Animal Planet.

This will be April’s fourth calf, according to Animal Adventure Park.

“The neat thing about giraffe labour is that they instinctively hide the labour signs because in the wild, if they were making it very clear they were in labour, every hyena and lion would sit tight and wait for mom to become vulnerable,” Patch said Friday.

Once in full labour, she could deliver in an hour or less, Patch said.

When April is ready to give birth, she will do so standing in her barn.

Her calf—which will weigh about 150 pounds and measure about 6 feet tall—will come out front hoofs first and begin walking 30 minutes to an hour later, according to Animal Planet.

Keepers said Friday that they expect April to deliver within the day.

You can April the Giraffe live in the video stream below.

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