UPDATE: April the Giraffe Could Give Birth Today

UPDATE: April the Giraffe Could Give Birth Today

Wednesday April 5

2pm BST: April and Oliver are sharing a meal of some delicious hay.

Unknown to the pregnant giraffe, she faces some stiff competition from a Rhino named Kibbibi.

Cleveland Zoo just announced it is expecting a new addition to its roster – a baby eastern black rhino.

The zoo just tweeted: “We’re excited to announce we’re expecting a baby rhino! This helps us further emphasize our commitment to securing a #futureforwildlife.”


April the Giraffe did not give birth on Saturday or Sunday. Social networks continue shocked by the long wait to meet the caf, which is already in the final days of its gestation.

The demand for information on April has been such that New York’s Animal Adventure Park, where the giraffe is sheltered, has issued periodic reports on its Facebook page on the progress of labor. On this Sunday it reports that during the morning had no appetite and that her udder is full. “April continues to act differently than she is. We continue to watch her and wait,” he reads.

They have also generated text message alerts so that fans of the animal can find out immediately when the baby is born. The subscription is $ 4.99.

Employees have assured that childbirth could occur at any time, according to The Washington Post.

April the Giraffe
April the Giraffe

April, the giraffe, became famous in February, when Animal Adventure Park started a live video on YouTube with which fans can follow the giraffe’s pregnancy minute by minute. The movement in favor of the giraffe led to the store Toys R Us has placed its logo on the video screen. So far, 439,335 people have subscribed to the channel.

Meanwhile, the wait for the little one has generated jokes and even comments of concern in social networks under the labels #AprilTheGiraffe and “aprilthegiraffewatch.2017 We show you some of them:

Twitter user Guinness the Cat wrote: “Okay, people! The #AprilTheGiraffe update says they do not expect the baby to be born before midnight, now it’s time to bathe, feed the family and clean!”

Another social networking user, Janell McCoy, wrote with concern that a walk might help propitiate childbirth.

On Facebook, the rumors about a birth were viralized with jokes, publications that show the false birth and businesses that arose after the long wait of the breeding of April:

“Come on April, you can do it,” wrote Michelle Henderson, who accompanied her post with a picture that shows a magic ball that after the question “Will April have your baby?” Replies: “Ask me again later.”

One mother even placed a giraffe head and took videos (some with almost four million reproductions) and photos before and after her delivery showing her baby:

You can watch the April the Giraffe live stream below.

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  1. People they can not control the weather or the internet. If they could they would. Also if subscribed to their text system you would know she’s not in active labor since no texts have gone out. Your not missing anything and they are doing the best they can. Use this time to wash dishes or something! AAP I COMMEND YOU GUYS AND YOUR LOVE AND PATIENCE FOR THESE HUMANS. Animals don’t even give you this much grief. They appreciate everything that you guys do for them.

  2. They are not gonna allow the feed up when she delivers, they are gonna film is and sell the video, another money making scheme from this for profit circus.

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