This Mans 105th Birthday Involved Roller Coaster

This Mans 105th Birthday Involved Roller Coaster

A 105-year-old celebrated his birthday on the roller coaster in Great Britain. Jack Reynolds thus set a Guinness World Record on Thursday as the oldest passenger in the fast-paced driving business. Reynolds was thrilled after the ride with the “Twistosaurus” at Flamingo Land amusement park near York. “It was good from front to back”.

This is not the first record the centurion from Chesterfield has, as his daughter Jayne Goodwin told the British news agency PA. “At 104, he let himself be tattooed, and he flew with a double-decker airplane in August of last year.” A spokeswoman from Guinness World Records confirmed to the German press agency that Reynolds was registered as the oldest person to be tattooed for the first time .

In October of this year, Reynolds is to become a great-great-grandfather for the first time. He would “probably make something crazy to celebrate,” his daughter said. For the next birthday he wanted to drive with a Formula One car.

I’ve lived through two World Wars so a bucket of ice and water wouldn’t [faze] me!” Reynolds told Yahoo News at the time. “My fun-loving family always set me up for things like this so I had no hesitation to do it.”

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2 thoughts on “This Mans 105th Birthday Involved Roller Coaster

  1. First, that man looks tremendous for 105! Second, I am also an older father, so I hope I live long enough to see my lovely daughter at age 105. That would be SO awesome.

  2. Mans 105th Birthday Roller Coaster · Edit

    YOU GO GRAMPA!! Seriously; what a wonderful experience at his age! God Bless this man and his (rather late) achievements.

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