Where Is The Cheapest Rent In Canada?

Where Is The Cheapest Rent In Canada?

The most popular Canadian site for housing search, Rentseeker.ca , has published a list of Canadian cities where apartments are the most expensive and the cheapest. Shawinigan, Mauricie, has the lowest rents in the country.

Indeed, a three-bedroom apartment (5-1 / 2) costs on average $ 509 a month in Shawinigan. It is $ 32 less than in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, which comes second.

For comparison, the average price for a three-bedroom unit in Quebec City was $ 955 in October 2016, according to the Journal .  In Montreal, you should extend an average of $ 933 for the same number of coins.

In Canada, the October 2010 average of 5-1 / 2 was $ 1,083 per month, according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2016 Rental Market Report .

Quebec, Canada’s affordable rent champion

According to data from Rentseeker and CMHC,  eight of the 10 Canadian cities with the lowest monthly cost of housing are in Quebec. The other two are in New Brunswick.

The 10 cities with the least affordable rents are all located outside of Quebec. Not surprisingly, Vancouver and Toronto are among them.

In January, Business Insider ranked Vancouver as the third most costly city in the world, while establishing that the “average home price increased by 11.8% in one year, a home”.

However, Metropolitan Montreal is the fourth most expensive city ($ 1631), behind Yellowknife ($ 1902), Wood Buffalo ($ 1705) and Oakville ($ 1714).

Using this computer graphics provided by Rentseeker, you can see the 10 cities with the most expensive rents, and the 10 with the cheapest.

“Bachelor” represents the price of a studio, 1 “bed” is for a closed room, 2 “bed” for 2, and 3 “bed” for three closed rooms.

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