RCMP Riding Master Abuse Scandal

RCMP Riding Master Abuse Scandal

The riding master of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride has been temporarily removed from duty to allegations of abuse of horses.

Sergeant Major Marc Godue, an officer of the RCMP from Drummondville and instructor at the Carrousel since 1990, has held the position of Master Squire since 2014, according to his biography on the site of the police force.

Superintendent Mike Côté confirmed to CTV that he had to temporarily reassign Sergeant Godue to other duties as of December 28th. “In my 34 years of RCMP experience, this is the first time I personally have to dismiss an officer temporarily because of the information I have received,” he said. entrusted.

Mr. Côté did not want to explain the reasons for his decision, but several sources told the chain were surprised when Marc Godue was appointed master-squire. Over the years, he would have, among other things, struck a horse with a whip to blood, punched horses and deliberately darkened in a wall with his horse.

“I have zero tolerance for animal abuse. The safety of our members and horses is the Carrousel’s number one priority, “said Mike Côté.

The RCMP Equestrian and Musical Carousel takes place across the country, featuring shows featuring riders’ skill and raising funds for charities.

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