Nova Scotian Loses Customized “Sexist” License Plate

Nova Scotian Loses Customized “Sexist” License Plate

Lorne Grabher, whose name is of German origin, received a letter last January informing him that the licence plate was no longer valid. Provincial authorities believe that people who do not know the name could instead read the message ”  Grab her  “, a socially unacceptable slogan.

The Dartmouth man had his surname inscribed on a plaque offered as a gift to his father. When he died in 1990, he transferred the registration to his name and he has held it without problems for the last 25 years.

“I’m stunned,” says Grabher. How can one say that my name is a slogan when it is not? How can the Government of Nova Scotia discriminate against a person’s name? ”

He was shocked by the response offered to CBC by a Ministry of Transport spokesperson. According to the e-mail, one complaint noted that the name was interpreted as a misogynist inscription promoting violence against women.

The Ministry found it preferable to withdraw the registration of traffic since it was impossible to specify that it was a surname. In return, Mr. Grabher was offered to provide him with a plaque with another registration and to reimburse the cost of the personalized plaque.

A request for a CBC interview with the Director of Road Safety in the Office of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles was denied.

Proud of its origins

Lorne Grabher says his father taught his children to be proud of their names and origins. He notes that he has already had to explain the surname, but that no one has ever offended. Some laughed at the coincidence, he said.

Mr. Grabher is aware of the controversy surrounding what US President Donald Trump said about women. “Donald Trump is another person. He’s stupid and he does not like anyone. I do not think we should be placed in the same category. ”

Mr. Grabher received another license plate from his son who lives in Alberta and placed it in the front of his vehicle. ” I’m proud of it. To my knowledge, in Nova Scotia, we can put what we want in front of our vehicles, “he says.

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