Edmonton Mother Charged With Murder Of Newborn: 11-Day Old Daughter Died Of Meth Overdose

Edmonton Mother Charged With Murder Of Newborn:  11-Day Old Daughter Died Of Meth Overdose

EDMONTON – A 31-year-old Alberta woman, Michelle Rice, was arrested and charged on Thursday with the second degree murder of her own daughter, aged 11 days, who died of methamphetamine.

The Edmonton police were called on March 29 to a residence where the baby was not breathing.

On 6 April, medical authorities reported to the police that a fatal dose of methamphetamine had taken the infant away.

The doctors added that the dose of the drug found in the girl’s body could not be passed on to her through breast milk. Only hypotheses of oral or anal ingestion were retained.

Scott Pattison, an Edmonton police spokesperson, described the deal as horrible.

Michelle Rice, unknown to the police, was introduced as a single mother.

The police investigation will seek in particular to know the identity of the people who visited his residence in the days before March 29.

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2 thoughts on “Edmonton Mother Charged With Murder Of Newborn: 11-Day Old Daughter Died Of Meth Overdose

  1. Wow unbelievable you cant even be called a mother . Woman you are discusting to do that to an innocent child. I hope you rot in jail

  2. This mother isn’t twisted. She’s an addict.
    As the child of an addict – my mother is 35 years deep in opioid addiction and not only is it amazing she’s still alive, it’s amazing my sister and I have survived that hell and abuse – I am disgusted and enraged, and consumed by “but for the grace of god” reaction, but I also understand that until governments in this country start addressing addiction as a serious health epidemic as opposed to reacting with outrage when this shit happens, it’s going to continue to happen.
    Wanna get angry and outraged? Get angry about the serious lack of addiction treatment and how nobody GAF about addicts until they kill a child. Get mad about THAT. Get mad that tens of thousands of children in this country are living in abusive environments as a result of addiction and nobody gives a shit until they’re dead. Get mad and outraged about 2 decades of doctors writing prescriptions for Demerol and Percocet (Oxy) and Dilaudid and Morphine like they were handing out Tic Tacs, and no one caring until people were buying those drugs illegally on street corners. Get mad about THAT.
    Because we can’t prevent this from happening until we recognize the need for proper funding and resources to battle addiction, the failure of a healthcare system that is entirely prescription pad based, and ending the BS “war on drugs” so-con rhetoric that feeds this narrative of addicts being disposable goods.
    A baby is dead. But you didn’t give a shit about the tens of thousands of addicts who died before this child, nor the children subjected to abuse and hell living in the homes of addicts who somehow managed to survive. So spare me your outrage until you’re willing to fight for those who need treatment

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