Couple kicked off United Flight That Wasn’t Even Full

Couple kicked off United Flight That Wasn’t Even Full

One week after the violent removal of a passenger on a United flight , a couple were allegedly kicked off a  plane in Texas.

Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell, residents of Salt Lake City, traveled to Costa Rica to celebrate their marriage, KHOU reported. In their itinerary, they made a stopover Saturday afternoon at George Bush Airport in Houston.

According to the bride and groom, on arriving on the plane, a man slept across their respective seats. So they decided to move into other seats, a few rows from their intended location, to avoid waking him. They were the last to board the aircraft, which was half empty.

“We did not think it would be problematic, it was not like we were going to settle into first class,” said Mr. Hohl in an interview. We were just in economy class, a few rows of our economy class seats. ”

t was bad for them. United considers that they have settled in “Economy Plus” seats, which offer more space, but for which they have to pay extra.

A first flight attendant came to ask them if they were in their proper place. Granting that no, the couple asked to be upgraded, as there were places left in this section. The United employee instead asked them to return to the seats assigned to them.

The couple agreed to the request of the flight attendant. But a few minutes later, a federal police officer boarded and asked them to get off the plane. They left without incident, but still do not understand what led United to evict them from the aircraft.

“They told us that we were disorderly and a risk for theft, for the safety of other passengers,” said the future groom.

For its part, the air carrier has a different speech. According to them, the duo repeatedly tried to settle in the “Economy Plus” seats and did not follow the instructions of the crew.

The couple was placed on another flight this Sunday, but told KHOU they will no longer fly with United.

“The way United has dealt with this situation is really absurd,” said Michael Hohl.

The two travelers still plan to unite their destinies as planned on Thursday.

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