Bank of Canada unveils new $10 Bill For Canada 150

Bank of Canada unveils new $10 Bill For Canada 150

The Bank of Canada unveiled its new $10 commemorative note commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Canadian federation, which marks the first time that an Aboriginal woman and a woman other than the queen are on a national ticket.

The mostly purple polymer bill includes the faces of four federal political figures who helped shape the country, according to the Bank of Canada: Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir George-Etienne Cartier, Agnes Macphail and James Gladstone or Akay-na-muka (His name in the language of the Blackfoot).

The central bank has already announced plans to include human rights activist Viola Desmond on the $ 10 note later this year, making her the first woman to decorate a regular banknote.

The ticket commemorating the 150 th  anniversary will be a special edition and will not replace the current ticket.

The bank’s governor, Stephen Poloz, says the new $ 10 goal is “to create a sense of pride in what we have accomplished as a nation.”

The front of the note also shows pictures of Parliament’s hall of honor, the names of all the territories and provinces and the arch of the Remembrance Chapel of Parliament.

On the back, a series of images aim to represent the different landscapes, including mountains, a wheat field, the Canadian Shield, the east coast and the Northern Lights.

The new note will be available as of June when 40 million of them will go into circulation.

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