Air Canada Bumps Woman From Flight, She Misses $10,000 Cruise

Air Canada Bumps Woman From Flight, She Misses $10,000 Cruise

A Canadian woman has lost a dream trip to the Galapagos Islands for which she had paid more than $ 10,000 Canadian  is the latest victim of the policy of the aeronautical companies Of over booking of tickets on their flights.

Vicki Russell, a retired lawyer, complained that Air Canada prevented her from flying to Ecuador to participate in a cruise on the Galapagos Islands when the Canadian airline sold more tickets than the capacity of the plane that had to take her from Toronto to Miami .).

“Air Canada made me miss the ride of my life,” Russell told CBC.

As reported by Russell, when on April 1 attempted to board an Air Canada plane bound for Miami, the company ground crew informed him that he could not board the plane because he did not have a valid ticket even though his luggage had Been billed and have the boarding pass.

Russell asked Air Canada to place another flight to Miami, where he had to link with his flight to Ecuador, not to miss the cruise to the Galapagos.

But the Canadian airline was unable to put it on another flight.

“The series of mistakes they made, the absence of apologies, their disinterest in helping me is embarrassing,” Russell said.

Air Canada acknowledged that Russell was grounded for oversolding tickets and offered him compensation of $ 800 Canadian ($ 600).

Only the company that Russell hired the Galapagos cruise, Linblad Expeditions, is committed to offering the Canadian woman the same trip for free, except the trip from Toronto to Miami.

It is the third time in just over a week that Air Canada passengers have reported that the airline ruined its March vacation by overselling flights.

On Tuesday it was learned that Air Canada had ruined Costa Rica’s vacation to another Canadian family by leaving it on the ground because of the oversolding of tickets to a 10-year-old boy while his parents kept their seats on the plane.

Last week, a couple who bought their ticket from Toronto to Miami more than two months in advance were forced to stay ashore because of the lack of seats on the flight.

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