Warren Buffett’s Face To Be On Cherry Coke Cans In China

Warren Buffett’s Face To Be On Cherry Coke Cans In China
The Cherry Coke has been Warren Buffets favorite drink for years. Now the 86-year-old American star investor to bring the cola with cherry flavor to China helps – for self-interest.
Warren Buffett is known for his individual diet: In the morning, on the way to work, he stops at McDonald’s. In the evenings, he is regularly seen in his home town of Omaha in the fast-food restaurant Dairy Queen at Burgeressen, which belongs to his subsidiary Berkshire Hathaway . In between he eats biscuits and chocolate from Sears Candy, also a company from the Buffett Empire. And to that, Cherry Coke.
he cola with cherry flavor has been Buffy’s favorite drink for years. Several doses daily drinks the world’s third man in the day. Now he is even her advertising ambassador. For the expansion to China, Coca-Cola prints the face of the 86-year-old on the cans. The Berkshire boss has many fans in Asia . If the star investor smiles kindly from the Dosel, this could boost the sale, believes the soda maker.

If the strategy goes, Buffett has something to it. Berkshire Hathaway is the largest individual shareholder of Coca-Cola. His son Howard has been on the board for seven years. Anyone who comes to Omaha in May for the Annual General Meeting can also buy the cans there.

 The meeting drew nearly 40,000 shareholders last year and has earned the nickname “Woodstock for Capitalists” because of its festival character. According to rumors, Buffett is likely to have shot the cherry soda, because Coke is the highest margin. Buffett knows how to do business.

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