Simon The Giant Rabbit Dies During United Airlines Flight

Simon The Giant Rabbit Dies During United Airlines Flight

United Airlines is deprived of another media nightmare after a rabbit destined to be the world’s largest rabbit is found dead on a flight from the United Kingdom to the United States. Before the departure of Heathrow, it was examined by veterinarians, who found that it was quite healthy.

NEW YORKUnited Airlines, which had recently triggered a very negative and even almost wild reaction from around the world after some scandals, could now face legal action after the death of a rabbit in the cargo area of a Boeing 767 flight From Heathrow to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, as reported by The Daily Telegraph .

The United Airlines rabbit, named Simon is 90 centimeters high was transported from the United Kingdom to the United States in the luggage compartment. Prior to the departure of Heathrow, he was examined by the veterinarians, who noted that the animal was quite healthy. Nevertheless, at O’Hare airport in Chicago he was found dead. Simon was to receive the title of largest rabbit in the world, now carried by his father Darius.

The cause of rabbits death has not yet been established. Simon’s hostess recounted that the animal had repeatedly taken the plane and had supported the flights quite normally.

“We were saddened to hear this news,” said the spokesman for United Airlines, according to the Mirror.

United Airlines rabbit death latest in recent string of problems

Previously, the US airline had encountered serious difficulties and had been critically challenged. In the month of April, airline United Airlines drew a flood of criticism following the violent removal of a passenger at O’Hare airport in Chicago due to overbooking of the plane. Photos and videos showing security agents dragging the passenger to the ground, bloodied face, have aroused indignation around the world.

United Airlines rabbit
United Airlines rabbit

After the accident, employees of the company had pulled Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell out of a plane, two newlyweds who had settled on more expensive seats than those they had booked.

Subsequently, a Canadian couple returning from vacation in Mexico on a plane of the same company was stung by a scorpion during a flight.

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5 thoughts on “Simon The Giant Rabbit Dies During United Airlines Flight

  1. If someone had a shipment with dry ice (sea food for example) it will absorb all of the oxygen of the cargo bin and any living thing will suffocate…I bet anything this was the case. (sadly)

  2. they’ve blamed the owner for not having purchased TWO spots in the cargo hold … for their obese rabbit

    they refer everyone to their RULES … a long list of them … and would EXPECT everyone to follow them without question

    all VIOLATORS will be SUMMARILY removed and BANNED from all future travel … even from their own house to the store! it’s for the SAFETY of others … of course

    united thanks all the AUTHORITARIANS in the united states … and the world at large … for SUPPORTING their CONTEMPTUOUS and DISRESPECTFUL treatment of ALL their passengers EQUALLY … regardless of their position in the living species tree

    fly the FRIENDLY skies!

  3. So now United is getting the blame for an incident on an American flight? Even a fifth grader can see the inconsistencies in this story, not what one would expect from a major media source. Are all your proofreaders out to lunch?

    Also, the US government recently released their 2016 financial report and the net loss more than doubled from $467 billion to $1 trillion. Wouldn’t CBS be serving the public interest with a story on how this will impact people’s lives in the future rather than a dead bunny. Time to raise your standards CBS and get out of the mindless news business.

  4. Damn..a Giant Rabbit

    For a moment..I was waiting for James Stewart and his famous Giant White Rabbit friend “Harvey” !

    I haven’t seen that movie is some time .

    That would be a hoot to see that rabbit walk off the air plane !

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