Unicorn Frappuccino is Here: First Impressions

Unicorn Frappuccino is Here:  First Impressions

At Starbucks they like to innovate so they decided to launch Unicorn Frappuccinos. My first reaction:


In short, I was moderately impressed.

But it must be admitted that it is pretty. I AM LOW LEAVE ME.

In addition, it is also quite interesting flavor level since it is a frappuccino that changes taste as you drink it and that I love.

t really has a colorful and inventive Willy Wonka side that seduces me. Well, I’m sold. Even if my little finger tells me it ‘s doable at home , if you see what I mean.

According to various information and Refinery29 , the novelty is expected to arrive before the end of 2017 in the US Starbucks. AS USUAL.

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