Taco Bell To Sell Beer In Canada

Taco Bell To Sell Beer In Canada

One of America’s best-known fast-food chains will launch into the liquor business .

Taco Bell announced Tuesday its intention to add this type of drinks to its menu.

Beer sales will only be added to a small list of stores and will be made progressively in more establishments.

Starting next June, we will begin to introduce this new measure of the company, which “aims to reinvent the experience of our followers and millennials in our restaurants,” according to a statement from the company.

he 484 headquarters at Queen St in Toronto will be the first to sell beer from this summer.

In fact, Taco Bell will begin by introducing several types of beers in their menu and later hoping to add other types of alcoholic beverages.

As the logic dictates, these products will only be on sale for people (in the case of Ontario) over 19 years .

No details have been given of the other venues in the chain that will add this type of drinks to their menu in the coming months, nor in which provinces will be located.

The company also announced its intention to continue its expansion process on Canadian land, and hoped to do so on a large scale.

Currently Taco Bell has 170 restaurants in seven provinces of the country, many of which share its space with KFC headquarters . The company’s plan is to increase this number to 700 venues throughout Canada .

This expansion will be done along with a redesign of its restaurants, which will have a more artistic style with open spaces, allowing users to have a better idea of ​​the food production process.

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