Sheryl Sandberg Mother’s Day post calls for new policies to benefit woman

Sheryl Sandberg Mother’s Day post calls for new policies to benefit woman

On Mother’s Day, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, is calling for new policies to benefit women in the U.S. including paid family leave and a higher minimum wage.


“This is an emotional day for so many reasons – because we thank the mothers we have and remember the mothers and the children we’ve lost,” Sandberg wrote in a Facebook post. “I hope we can also use this day to commit to do more for all the mothers who have given so much and deserve even more.”

Sandberg — who lost her husband, SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg, suddenly two years ago — took to Facebook on Mother’s Day in 2016, too, writing about the financial and emotional burdens single mothers face. She expanded on that theme this year, emphasizing the need for paid leave, raising the minimum wage and affordable childcare.

Sheryl Sandberg Mother's Day post
Sheryl Sandberg Mother’s Day post

“It’s time for our public policies to catch up with what our families deserve and our values demand,” she wrote. “Child care for two children exceeds the median annual rent in all 50 states. How are parents supposed to work if they don’t have a safe and affordable place to leave their kids?”

Sandberg, who has often discussed how she has come to dread Father’s Day now that her children don’t have anyone to celebrate, also acknowledged those for whom this day might be “more painful than celebratory.”

She concluded by turning personal, thanking her mother for providing her with the strength she needed to endure the last two years since the loss of her husband, and her mother-in-law for all her support.

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3 thoughts on “Sheryl Sandberg Mother’s Day post calls for new policies to benefit woman

  1. This should be a no-brainer idea with bipartisan support. The fact that it isn’t speaks volumes about the GOP. There is nothing “pro-life” in forcing a woman back to work immediately after an experience as physically traumatizing as childbirth.

  2. The oligarchy of America prefer it this way, besides to do otherwise would negatively affect the wealthy, and we can’t have that in our happy Capitalism First nation now can we?

  3. f you have the skill or the ability to find a job that offers these benefits as a part of your compensation great. But mandating it by law is not what we are. Fuck that shit!!!!! Nobody owes you a fucking thing in America. That communist shitbag president brainwashed a lot of Americans into believing that somehow you can Democraticly force charity onto the free. My willingness as an individual to defend, bleed, and kill would tell you differently. Your neighbor owes you nothing but non-aggression.

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