Oscar Munoz United CEO Will Not Resign

Oscar Munoz United CEO Will Not Resign

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz said he will not resign, as the airline faces a wave of indignation after the muscular expulsion of a passenger from one of its planes.

“Some have called for your resignation. Is this an option you have considered? “Mr. Munoz was asked in an interview on ABC.

“No,” he replied. “I was hired to improve United’s performance, we are doing it and that’s what I will continue to do,” he said. Munoz took command of United in September 2015 following the departure of his predecessor shaken by an investigation into suspicions of conflicts of interest with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Mr. Munoz’s communication, which was awarded in March by the association’s “Best Communicator” Award in 2016, contributed to the poisoning of the case.

After the first videos of the incident occurred on Sunday, Munoz had made the choice not to apologize to the passenger, calling him “disruptive and aggressive” in an e-mail addressed to employees, United.

Faced with the outcry and the plunge of the share on the stock market Tuesday, he backed off to finally apologize. The passenger, David Dao, an American of Vietnamese origin, has since attached himself to the services of a Chicago law firm.

Oscar Munoz also announced during the interview that United would no longer appeal to the police to evict passengers having “purchased their ticket (or) already seated” on the plane. “We will not do it anymore,” he promised.

He also apologized to Mr. Dao and his family for this “shameful and humiliating” episode. “It will never happen again in a United Airlines flight. This is my postulate and it is my promise, “he said.

United also announced on Wednesday that it would refund their ticket to all passengers of this flight between Chicago and Louisville, United States.

Mr. Dao had been expelled manu-militari from the plane which was full because four squares had to be released to allow a crew of the company to go to Louisville. As he was pulled out by the police from his chair, Mr. Dao’s head had struck the armrest, wounding him in the head.

His lawyers asked a Chicago state court to order the preservation of all surveillance videos during the boarding and the scene, as well as the list of passengers on the flight and The reports of the airport police on the episode.

“The preservation and protection of these elements are necessary” for the future, write the councils in this document consulted by AFP, suggesting a future legal action against United Airlines.


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