Mcdonalds Canada has 95000 Applicants Accounts Hacked

Mcdonalds Canada has 95000 Applicants Accounts Hacked

McDonald’s of Canada announced Friday that the Careers section of its website had been hacked, thereby compromising the personal information of approximately 95,000 candidates for positions in its restaurants.

Affected candidates are those who applied online between March 2014 and March 2017, says the fast food giant. According to McDonald’s, job applications require personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, employment history “and other usual application information”.

McDonald’s Canada ensures that its application forms do not require the issuance of the Social Insurance Number, banking information or health information. The company argues that “at the present time, there is no evidence that the information seized was used for improper use”.

Mcdonalds Canada Says Sorry

The company apologized and deactivated the site and initiated an investigation “as soon as it was informed of this invasion of privacy”, and it has taken steps “to ensure that this type of” Security is no longer a recurrence “. She recalled that those who wish to apply should do so in person at any restaurant.

All applicants “directly affected by this invasion of privacy” will receive a letter by mail or will be contacted in a different manner.

McDonald’s has more than 1,400 restaurants and more than 80,000 employees in Canada.

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