ikea To Open Standalone Cafes

ikea To Open Standalone Cafes

ikea standalone cafes?

Swedish retail giant Ikea is considering opening restaurants outside the walls of its furniture stores, reports the director of the company’s food division, Michael La Court.

“I firmly believe there is potential there,” he said in an interview with Fast Company. I hope that in a few years our consumers will say: “Ikea is a good place to eat, and by the way they also sell some furniture.”

If the famous dumplings have been popular with consumers for a long time, Mr. La Cour confesses that he has “never realized” the potential of selling food, since the food division represents less than 5% of Ikea’s profits. “When we started putting the figures in context, comparing them to other companies in the food sector, I saw that it was not a small amount,” said the director. Indeed, in 2013, restaurants integrated into stores generated $ 1.5 billion in profits.

The company confesses that incorporating more healthy food into its menu in 2015 has helped sell more food to its restaurants. It is even said that 30% of the people who eat there do not come to buy furniture.

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