Delta overbooked flights offer is staggering

Delta overbooked flights offer is staggering

Delta overbooked flights offer

Delta airline will allow its employees to offer nearly US $10,000 in compensation to customers who agree to give their seat in the event of overbooked flights.

The decision came after a video showing a United passenger forcibly evicted from an airplane whose seats were overbooked. The video had raised a real outcry.

In an internal note obtained Friday by the Associated Press, Delta says that agents at boarding gates will be able to offer up to US $ 2,000, as opposed to a maximum of US $ 800 currently.

Supervisors will be able to award up to US $ 9950, rather than US $ 1350 at present.

United is also reviewing its policy and will share the results of the review by April 30, a spokesman said.

The company did not want to disclose the maximum compensation it currently offers.

Other companies also said they were reviewing their regulations. For example, American Airlines has said that passengers who are already on the plane will no longer have to leave their seats for someone else.

When there are not enough seats for customers who have paid for a flight, airlines generally ask passengers to leave their seats in exchange for money or discounts on future flights.

Among the American airlines, Delta is the company that last year had the most passengers who agreed to leave their seats, partly because it offered more than the others.

The practice of overbooked flights is greatly criticized since a 69-year-old man was violently dragged out of a United plane last weekend.

The passenger and three other customers had to leave the plane to leave their seats to four employees of the airline who were applying for seats in order to be in Louisville, Kentucky the next day.

The deal has become a nightmare for the entire industry, leading to pressure from politicians and consumer groups to ban practice in the future.

If Delta had paid US $ 9,950 to each customer who left its headquarters last year, it would amount to US $ 12 million. Delta generated a profit of approximately US $ 4.4 billion in 2016.

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